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qualities a graphic designer should have

So here it is, a definitive list of what qualities a Graphic designer should have. We like to think we tick a few of these boxes. Article was posted by businesszone.co.uk, what do you think, are any missing?

A career in graphic design is rapidly growing and it goes without saying that graphic designers do have a bright future ahead. However along with honing the skills on various software such as InDesign, Coral Draw and Photoshop a graphic designer must also possess some of the most important traits. These traits certainly make a graphic designer into a good graphic designer.

  1. Longing for perfection – Being a graphic designer you must strive for perfection. There is room to improve always which is why an eye on perfection must be there. You must not stop at the very first draft and label it as the final product rather prepare as many as you can till you find the perfect creation being created.
  2. Eye on details – Whether it is a colour combination, gradation, object, size, inches whatever be the detail, a graphic designer should ensure that he/she keeps his eye on details without fail. Being meticulous about the designs is one important trait for the graphic designer. Keeping eye on details make you the master of your skills with time.
  3. Third opinion – A good graphic designer always makes it a point to take the third opinion from others. No matter how confident ae you about your designs taking a third opinion from the viewer is vital. This shows that you are inclined towards improvising and doing it better. Taking the third opinion also ends up opening the third perspective which might just change your design for better.
  4. Zeal to improvise – A good graphic designer ends his/her career when he or she doesn’t seek for improvisation. They must constantly have a zeal towards making and finishing their final product for better. This is quite significant quality designer must possess.
  5. Strategy – Along with all the stated above qualities an eye on strategies is again an edgy quality. The designer must understand the marketing or branding strategies of the company before initiating the design. Understanding this well makes the designer a worthy designer for the company.
  6. Teamwork – Graphic designing might be a one man show but the entire plan is prepared by the team. Being a team player is an added advantage to you in case you are willing to make the career in graphic designing. Going well with the team at professional and personal level helps a lot in the long run.
  7. Adaptable – A graphic designer cannot go a long way if he/she is too adamant to change. He/she must be adaptable personally as well as professionally. Being flexible is the key skill of survival which not just people in this profession but also in other professions must possess.

These are the 7 untold qualities a graphic designer should have before making it a full-fledged career. The designer must keep learning new software as well as people. Designing is a form communication that deals between the consumers and the brand which is why the designer must be aware of trends; socially likeable and most importantly adaptable.

Article from businesszone.co.uk

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