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Branding Design Agency in Cumbria

An effective brand design ensures you’re noticed in a competitive market. Your branding is like your personality, It explains the finer details of what you do, who you are and what you stand for. It goes much further than just your logo, your branding conveys your message to your customers in a way they can understand and interact with. Here at Pair Creative, our brand designers can work with you to create an effective and successful brand for your business.

What does branding include?

Branding is more than just your logo, it can includes a range of values and design elements such as:
Colour Themes
Illustration Styles
Typography & Fonts
Photography Style
Tone of Voice

Our Branding projects

Below is a selection of our recent branding projects

Why do I need branding?

When you think about a business or company, it’s likely that the first thing you will think of and picture in your mind is their logo design. For example, if we said ‘McDonalds’, I’m sure you would picture the ‘Golden M’ – right?

However, if you were asked to explain why you were buying their products or using their services, I’m sure you would say that you like their style, connect with their advertising and possibly that you believe in their work ethic and principles. These are all elements of company branding.

How a business comes across to potential customers is critical and can be the difference between winning new business and losing customers. You could have the best logo design in the world, but if your message is not right, your working principles questionable and your corporate style a mess, you are not likely to attract many new customers.

If your business has strong branding, people are more likely to remember you and the attributes that set you apart from your competition. We can help you and your business design, develop and implement a unique professional brand identity. Contact us today for more information.

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