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Website Designers in Cumbria

Web Design Cumbria

Our Website Designers have been providing digital marketing to businesses across the UK. With a large portfolio of clients, operating in a variety of market sectors, all our web design projects are finished on time and within budget.

When we start any project, we first try to understand what the client is trying to achieve, whether that’s to sell a product or create awareness of their services.

By understanding this we gain a better knowledge of what type of user will be visiting the website and how they are likely to interact with it.


Web Page Design

Understanding businesses objectives is a key element of any project. It’s only through knowing this that we can create a page design that works effectively in communicating with the user.

A design for an eCommerce Website will look different in comparison to a design that has been produced to create awareness of service, such as Graphic Design. This is due to the needs of the user and knowing their intent when on the website.


eCommerce Web Design Visual

eCommerce Website Design Cumbria

In this example, we can see a screenshot of a page from the World of Confectionery website. From this visual, you can see that this is clearly an online shop selling American Candy to its users, similar to another example at The Kandy King.

The web design for this site ensures that once the user lands on the page, they are entirely focused on the product and how to purchase it.


Winders Web Design VisualServices Page Design

However, in this example, we can see a screenshot taken from Winders Chartered Accountants & Financial Advisors website. From this image, we are immediately presented with two clear choices; to either find out about their Accountancy Service or their Financial Advisors Service.

It’s very clear, and direct and ensures the user wastes no time finding the information they are looking for.


What is Responsive Design

We are always asked this question in relation to websites. With more than 50% of users now using their mobile devices to search Google, it is more important than ever to optimise a website to respond to different screen sizes, such as phones, tablets, laptops and desktops.

With Google announcing that they will switch to mobile-first Indexing, digital marketing companies have a responsibility to ensure the websites they develop, meet the requirements set by the search engines.

Google has made this decision because more and more searches are being made from mobile devices. Therefore to ensure we give those users the best experience when visiting the website, it was decided that it was time to prioritize mobile results.


Web Design Company Cumbria

All of the web design and development we do at Pair Creative benefits from the following features:

  • User-Friendly Content Management Systems CMS – Clients can easily add and update their own content
  • UX Design – Web page design that is clear and simple
  • Responsive Web Design – Optimised for every screen size
  • SEO Optimised– We implement the best practices for your website to be found on search engines
  • Link to Social Media – We link all your accounts
  • Emails & Hosting – Fast, secure and reliable


Based in Barrow-in-Furness, Cumbria, our website designers provide a full range of digital marketing services to clients across the county and the UK. You can view our web design portfolio and read more about our web services here.

Contact us to find out how we could help your business improve its online presence. Call Pair Creative on 01229 840248 or email hello@paircreative.com


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