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The Importance of Business Stationery Design

We all come in contact with a form of business stationery design at some point in the day. Whether it’s company letterheads during a day in the office or coming home to a pile of envelopes on the floor as you walk through the door. However, although it’s such a popular feature in any working day, purchasing business stationery is not something all companies consider as an important decision that needs careful thought. Business stationery can be a vital part of a any company. It can be an essential marketing tool if used and designed correctly and for some businesses, can be one of the only items that identifies the company to it’s customer.

The main factor of business stationery design, such as letterheads, compliment slips and business cards, is to reflect the business in a professional way and should install confidence in the person who receives it. A good example of this is when sending invoices to customers. They need to feel confident that the business they are paying is trustworthy and legitimate.

A great way to ensure your company meets these requirements is to employ the services of professional graphic designers who will design and produce bespoke, quality business stationery that will leave a long lasting impression. As well as your web design (if your company has one), your business stationery, is basically a sales person for the company. Bespoke stationery demonstrates professionalism and can often attract new clients if done correctly.

Pair Creative are professional Graphic Designers based in Barrow. We are experienced in working with both start-up companies who require new company branding, as well as large corporate businesses who have strict corporate guidelines to work to. Whatever your business, we will design and produced your stationery with the appropriate colors, images, and patterns that meet the specifications and wishes of an individual business. For example, color printed business stationery containing a unique business logo design can catch a potential client’s attention and increase interest in the company, leading to new orders.


Professional Business Stationery

When communicating with clients and other businesses, whether by letter or in person, it’s likely that some form of business stationery is the first thing they will be given, either in the form of a letterhead or a business card. This means it could also be the last thing they see from your business once the conversation has ended. Ensuring the stationery reflects the company in a profession manner becomes more important that ever, as it need to work by itself to give a reason for the customer to return. Producing bespoke stationery, demonstrates that the company welcomes and appreciates the client’s business.

Business stationery doesn’t just end with letterheads and business cards. There’s a wide range of bespoke stationery a business can have, such as, envelopes, pens, pencils, invoice and compliment slips, brochures, folders, exhibition stands, contract proposals, quotes and estimates, letters of recommendation and more. By having a wide variety of businesses stationery available, companies are able to constantly advertise themselves in a creative, professional manner.


Types Business Stationery Design

Here is a list of immediate stationery we think every business should have. Although there are many different types of stationery available, they should all reflect the business in the best light. Therefore you should ensure it is printed on high quality paper/material and maintain a consistent style throughout.

  • Corporate letterhead
  • Business cards
  • Compliment Slips
  • Continuation Sheets


Personal Stationery

Stationery design is not just for businesses. Below are some examples of how we can uses printed stationery for personal use:

Thank you notes
Presents, interviews, wedding services and nice gestures – why not send a thank you note to say …well thank you! Printing your thank you notes on thicker paper, professionally designed ,will make all the difference.

‘Save the Date’ cards are a great example of how stationery can be used to announce that all important date.

Important events
Maybe emails are good for some things, but for weddings, birthday parties and christenings, a paper invitation is the traditional method of communication. Something physical can also be saved as a keepsake.

Christmas cards
We send them every year, so why not send a bespoke design this year, showing you care! For businesses, it’s a great method for reconnecting with clients.


Here at Pair creative we take care of all you business stationery design, from start to finish. Whether you’re a start-up company looking for a full suite of corporate business stationery, or an existing business looking for an update or reprint, we can help. If you would like to know more, feel free to contact us.

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