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Photographer Steve Hillman, from Barrow-in-Furness, Cumbria, asked us to develop a new web design for his Wedding Photography Website. His current site was visually and technologically outdated and his website statistics showed a decline in the length of time visitors were spending on his site.


As you can see from his work, his photography skills are to the highest standard, so we wanted to create a website that matched his skills as a photographer and displayed his work in the best possible way. After working closely with Steve, we were able to design and produced a website which is bright, impactful and clear and simple to use.
Customers to his site can view his current portfolio and also filter by some of the amazing venues he has been able to visit. As a result, the length of time visitors now spend on his website has increased by 500%. We continue to enjoy working with Steve to update and maintain his website.